Christine Duff is a Ontario Certified Teacher who has Additional Qualifications in Special Education and Reading.  Christine has over ten years of classroom experience and has worked with students with a variety of learning needs. She has also been employed for a number of years at a private tutoring agency, where she has worked as specialized 1-1 tutor, and as a Parent Consultant.  Christine is skilled in teaching students at the Primary/Junior level and at the Intermediate/Senior level, and is also able to support University level students in their studies.

The Optimus Team

Co-Director and Special Education Consultant

Kyle Rotenberg is an Ontario Certified Teacher who has Additional Qualifications in Special Education and Math. Kyle has worked in a variety of classroom settings, and also has experience working as a specialized 1-1 tutor.  Kyle is qualified to teach at the Primary/Junior level, and he is able to individualize his teaching according to the requirements of each student and family.  Like Christine, Kyle believes that all students are capable of experiencing school success - when they are given appropriate support, encouragement, and opportunity.

Kyle and Christine work closely with all of the tutors at Optimus,

so that students are consistently provided with meaningful lessons. 

All of our teaching staff are either Ontario Certified Teachers or subject specialists, and they are knowledgeable about current trends in education. Students are carefully matched with qualified tutors or coaches - who then develop programs which will specifically meet students' individualized learning needs.

Everyone on our team is dedicated to creating lessons which will celebrate students' personal interests and strengths. 

Co-Director and Special Education Consultant

Optimus Learning Centre

Other Specialized Tutors at Optimus Learning Centre