3. Consultation and Evaluation 

                         2. Comprehensive Educational Support...

* Tutoring in all Academic Subject Areas: ​     Math     Reading     Writing     Science/Social Studies     French

​* Reinforcement of Skills and Strategies:     Homework Completion        Organization        Time Management

Note-Taking     Study Skills     Self-Advocacy     Essay-Writing     Editing/Proofreading     Use of Computers

* Support for Test Preparation:     Preparation for EQAO, SSAT, OSSLT        Review for quizzes, tests, exams

               1. Initial Assessment - and Preparation of Meaningful Lessons... 

* Includes a review of the student's school history, an analysis of their learning style, and an assessment of their ability to use skills and strategies to their own advantage.

​* Tutoring programs help students master foundational skills in Math, Reading, and Writing, and Learning Skills are consistently reinforced - for use across the curriculum.

​​* We use our understanding of students' strengths and needs to customize each lesson - so that we can help each student meet their individualized learning goals.

 At Optimus Learning Centre, we believe that all students may be empowered to experience school success.  Our mission is to provide individualized 1-1 instruction to students who have a variety of learning profiles, and to instill a sense of confidence in each learner. The Optimus Advantage involves a three-part learning program which ensures ongoing academic progress, and which allows students to reach their full potential.

The Optimus Advantage

Optimus Learning Centre

* Our partnership with parents includes ongoing communication throughout each term, and professional progress reports and/or meetings are always available upon request.

* Parents may consult Optimus about IEP development, parent-teacher interviews, SST meetings, IPRCs, etc. - as needed.

* Contact with parents, psychologists, and other educational professionals is carefully maintained - in order to monitor student progress, and to allow for increased school success.​